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3 Places You Do Not Want to Buy Glass Shower Doors

If Your Time is as Valuable as Your Money

Budgeting for a home improvement project or a remodel can be tricky.  Staying within that budget can be an even bigger challenge.  We’ve all been there – you plan on spending a certain amount on a project, you plan every foreseeable expense out, and you price shop.  Then you knock down a wall… whoops!  What’s behind those walls can be full of surprises and unforeseen expenses, so now you’re having to cut costs.  We hear regularly from customers that they’re over budget by the time they get to the glass shower doors stage (usually the very last stage), so they’re trying some other methods before heading our way.  Here’s our advice:  

Frameless Glass Shower Installation

1. A Hardware Store

Buying a pre-fabbed shower glass enclosure from a big box store might be the most affordable route, but it most likely won’t provide you with the final outcome you’re looking for.  Most of the options aren’t truly frameless.  And while their few frameless shower door options have come a long way, they’re still lacking.  Typically, the glass isn’t considered “heavy glass” like what you’d receive from a local glass company which is 3/8” thickness or greater.  Their finishing selections are much more limited as well because they aren’t custom selected for the job.  When pre-fabbing, they mass produce the most cost effective options and don’t product much else.  This also means their sizing choices are limited as well.  If you’ve moved your shower head up, you want to make sure your glass height increases with it.  This often isn’t an option with a “from the shelf” shower door.


2. The Internet

Ordering your glass from the internet instead of the shower door company down the road that specializes in glazing bring on many of the same challenges as buying one from a hardware store. You might have a few more finishing selection options, but now you’re stuck paying for shipping on top of everything. Let us tell you – shipping glass is not cheap! Not to mention, who is going to install this door once it arrives (hopefully in one piece)?

Glass Installation Crew

3. A Handyman

1. Listen, we know some incredibly talented handymen (and women).  They’re detail oriented, fair, and reliable.  But glass is a whole different beast in the subcontractor world.  Why?  Because if you mess something up, you can’t run to the store to pick up a new one.  It’s also dangerous to install.  One wrong move and the entire thing shatters.  You pay a premium to have a glazier measure and install your shower glass because they’re specifically trained to do so.  When measuring, a glazier knows how to account for out-of-squares and proper deductions for glass to properly fit and function.  They know that your walls are most likely not square, but if they do their job right, no one will ever be able to tell.  They also know the art of the glass installation and how to handle such a heavy, fragile object.  A handyman knows a lot of things, but it takes a specialized training when it comes to glass. 

Skip the headache on your next home improvement project, and budget to hire the right professional to do the job.