A shower is the heart of the bathroom. It is where you spend a good portion of your time. That is why designing a functional and unique shower area is the key for all homeowners. Not sure where to start? You can consider installing a frameless shower door. Here is why: Information can be found here.

Endless Design Possibilities

Frameless shower doors offer hundreds of options in terms of style and size. They also allow households to place a significant emphasis on various fixtures and areas in a bathroom. You are free to choose the design that blends with your bathroom and matches your style. They have no bulky frames and unsightly u-channels used in designs. See here for information about Types of Glass Used in Designing Frameless Shower Doors.

Significantly Functional

This is one of the significant things about frameless shower doors. They can be opened in and out, unlike the framed shower doors that are limited to outward opening. Frameless shower enclosures are more functional for day-to-day use.

Easy Cleaning

Frameless shower doors are aesthetically appealing and easier to maintain. They feature an ultra-thin protective layer of an optically clear material. This way, the surface is encouragingly easier to clean and resistant to weathering. At Ames Mirror and Glass, we use advanced technology to ensure that the shower doors are oil and water repellant.