Glass has natural peaks and crevices on its surface that are invisible to the naked eye. Soap, hard water, and moisturizers can find a way to stick on your prized frameless shower door, and that’s why it is vital to have a glass protective coating. The benefits you can reap from this include: See further information here.

Less Cleaning

The nature of the protective coating allows you to rush off to bed or work after a shower because it is easier to clean and maintain. It cleans itself by allowing the droplets to join and roll off the surface, not leaving much to clean afterward. Learn more about Ultimate Guide to Ideal Frameless Shower Doors.

Lasts Longer

Investing in a frameless shower door that repels water and cleans itself settles you for the best money can offer. You do not have to regularly replace the panels or hire a professional cleaner to handle the task for you. The protective coating makes your shower door last longer and looks class all year round.

Environmentally Friendly

Less cleaning means lesser use of soap and chemicals to clean your shower door. You will be doing the environment a big favor by allowing fewer chemicals to be released to the environment or to be washed into the waters.