There are multiple myths and misconceptions around people who know nothing about frameless shower doors. Do not fall for these falsehoods! In this post, you’ll learn the truth about frameless shower doors. Here are some myths, debunked: Find more information here.

They are Hard to Keep Clean

Frameless shower doors are easy to clean and maintain. Plenty of products exist in the modern market to help keep your door looking pristine. Some frameless shower doors also come with protective coatings that keep water and fingerprint stains off the glass. See here for information about Common Questions About Frameless Shower Doors.

They Shatter Easily

Slipping and falling in the shower and shattering your glass door is fear-based fiction. The glass is designed to be strong and sturdy. It cannot scratch or shatter from the typical falls. Better still, frameless shower doors do not have materials that can corrode and break over time. The glass is also tempered, which means that even if it breaks, it doesn’t shatter into tiny, sharp, and dangerous pieces.

They are Too Expensive

Many frameless shower doors providers offer competitive pricing on the most advanced models and payment plan options if you cannot afford one lump sum. The cost of your shower door installation will depend on the type of door, installation method, and the contractor you choose.