If you are hearing about frameless shower doors for the first time, you might have millions of questions about them. In this post, Ames Mirror & Glass has given answers to the frequently asked questions about frameless shower doors. Discover more about Austin, TX here.

What is the Difference between Frameless Shower Doors and Framed Shower Doors?

Framed shower doors are constructed of thinner and weaker glass and rely on metal to strengthen them. Frameless shower doors are made up of 3/8 or ½ inches tempered glass and polished safety glass. The glass has greater strength and doesn’t require any heavy metal around it. They eliminate the wobble often seen in ordinary shower doors when opening or closing. Discover facts about the Importance of Hiring a Professional Technician To Install Your Frameless Shower Doors.

What are the Significant Things about Frameless Shower Doors?

Frameless shower doors are superior to other shower door solutions, thus increasing the value of your home. They are more durable than framed shower doors and eliminate bulky hardware framing. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Can One Add a Towel Bar on the Shower Door?

Ames Mirror & Glass provides a wide range of selected styles and finishes to choose from. Our contractors will help you choose the best solution that will not impede the slide or swing of your frameless shower door.