The addition of frameless shower doors is one of the hottest trends in a bathroom renovation. They convey a modern and clean feel. However, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the aesthetic elements before initiating the project. Ames Mirror & Glass has shared some design tips to help you create a perfect look for your taste, lifestyle, and décor. Visit this link for more information.

Focus on Your Angles

When installing your frameless shower door, it is vital to focus on particular angles. In general, showers must be built using a combination of angles such as 90 degrees 0r 180 degrees. This is because most of the hardware for showers is designed specifically for these angles. You should make sure that the installation is affordable and functions properly. Read about Reasons to Install a Frameless Shower Door here. 

Ensure the Wall is Precisely Vertical

The last thing you’d want when it comes to frameless shower doors is gaps. Therefore, it is imperative that your contractor ensures that the door or panel that meets the wall is precisely vertical or upright. It helps to prevent binding, uneven joints and minimizes the chances of leaks.

Position the Shower Head Correctly

To minimize leakage, you must position the shower head correctly. Ensure that it is not placed towards your frameless shower door.