Frameless shower doors have a clean and minimalist design that makes them a perfect luxury addition to any bathroom. Before initiating the installation process, it is vital to consider the cost. Figure out the amount you are ready to spend depending on your budget. Some of the factors that influence the overall cost of frameless shower doors to include: Austin, TX information can be seen at this link.

Door Type

The door type that you choose will determine the cost of your frameless shower door. You can choose a sliding door or swing open depending on your bathroom layout and budget. Sliding doors often save on space but cost more. Also, if you go for customized shower doors, they can further add to the cost. Click here to read about Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Frameless Shower Doors.

Door Size

If your frameless shower door is wider, the installation cost might be a bit higher. If your shower door has various corners and edges, it will call for more expertise, further driving the price.

Type of Glass and its Thickness

Whether you choose frosted, clear, or textured glass, the type you choose will influence your frameless shower door’s cost. Also, glass thickness varies for strength and durability. Since there is no framing supporting the glass, thicker glass creates the structural stability and strength of your frameless shower door.