Do you love the way frameless shower doors look and function? If so, you might want one for your bathroom space. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not know how to begin the process of finding the ideal frameless shower door for their bathroom. In this post, Ames Mirrors & Glass has highlighted the considerations you can make to ensure you choose the right shower door. Further facts about Austin, TX can be found here.


While budget might not be the most fun part, it is where you should start. The best thing is that most companies provide free estimates, which can help you with the process. Also, some companies offer options at virtually every price point. Therefore, you can be confident of finding an ideal choice regardless of how much you’ll have to spend. Information about Design Tips to Consider When Installing Frameless Shower Doors can be found here.

The functionality of the Door

When choosing a frameless shower door, consider how it will function. For instance, where is your shower or tub located in the bathroom? What are your walls made of? Where are the support studs? Your answers to these questions will help you determine the weight of the glass that your walls can support. It will help narrow down your decision regarding the type and size of shower doors to install and which company to hire.