One of the things you must try and install in your Austin, TX home is a shower door. Shower doors are things of the future and have proven to be one of the best commodities in a home. Glass shower doors have proven to be vital in improving the shower’s overall look. The fact that they are also easy to clean has made them popular with people. Ames Mirror & Glass is the go-to team for an efficient shower door installation. Our installation guarantees you satisfaction and the best results possible. More facts can be seen here.

Glass Railings 

Have you ever seen a glass railing on a stairwell? They usually look elegant and interesting. It is possible to have glass railings in your home or office. All you have to do is contact Ames Mirror & Glass. We will draw up several designs and install the glass railing of your choosing. Learn more about Reasons to getting New Shower Doors.

Top-Rated Team

Ames Mirror & Glass is a top-rated glass company in Austin, TX. We have an excellent track record and have fixed up shower doors and other glass materials in several homes. Our results are splendid, which has helped us gain a wonderful rating in glass installation.