After years of specializing in frameless shower doors at Ames Mirror & Glass, we have seen some contractor mistakes and oversights that can negatively impact your project. You do not have to become an expert on the shower doors, but these tips will help choose a contractor who will install the shower doors properly. More about Austin, TX can be seen here.

The slope of Shower Seat

If you are interested in a built-in shower seat, ensure that your seat slants towards the drain at a five-degree slope. This will allow water to easily flow off the shower seat into the drain. Information about Reasons To Add Frameless Shower Doors in Your Next Bathroom Upgrade can be found here.

Plumb Walls

To prevent uneven joints, gaps, and hinge binds, the walls that meet your frameless shower door should be precisely vertical. If the wall is above a ¼ out of plumb, it can be unsightly and prone to leaks.

Glass Tiles

When designing your shower enclosure, avoid plans that will involve mounting glass clips and door hinges onto the glass tiles. The situations can cause breakage, which will add time and expense to your new shower door.

Curb Tops

Solid pieces of marble, tile, and granite are ideal for the curb top. Tiled curb tops can increase the risk of leaks and lead to mildew and mold in the long run. Your frameless shower door seal will function best on a solid and smooth surface.