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Keeping Your New Mirrors Clean

How to Keep Your Mirrors Clean

We’ve heard the age-old methods on how to clean a mirror or glass, but which ones actually work? We’re here to break it down for you using some things you might already have under the kitchen sink or sitting in the garage.
Household Standard

You guessed it – Windex (or a generic equivalent). The main ingredient in the classic Windex window cleaner is ammonia. Ammonia is great for cleaning tough surfaces without causing a build-up. However, ammonia can sometimes be too strong of a chemical for more porous surfaces such as window tint. If you’re really trying to avoid streaking, try using sheets of newspaper instead of paper towels with your Windex.

Industry Standard

Our go-to product at the shop is called Spray Away. We prefer Spray Away over Windex because it foams, so there’s no concerns about dripping. It’s also ammonia free, so we never have to worry about it being too abrasive for the surface. This can be picked up from your local Sam’s.


Trick of the Trade

Have some tough to remove residue on your mirror?  Our go-to trick of the trade is 99% isopropyl alcohol.  This leaves a streak-free shine like no other for even the dirtiest of mirrors.  You have to work fast, though, because it dries quickly!  Try using the alcohol with steel wool for the best residue remover.  Make sure it’s extra fine steel wool, though, to avoid the risk of scratches.

Have a different trick that works for you?  We’d love to hear it!

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