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New YEar , New HomeGym Wall

If Your Time is as Valuable as Your Money

Was getting fit your New Year’s resolution? Of course it was! If you’re planning on working towards this goal in the comfort of your own home, a mirror wall in your new home gym is icing on the cake. (Is it wrong of us to talk about cake and working out in the same sentence?) Why not watch yourself sweat to death because you haven’t worked this hard since 2012?!
If you’re thinking about adding a mirror wall or walls to your home gym, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Custom Gym Mirror


What size are you wanting your mirrors? Do you prefer floor to ceiling, or would you be okay with a standard stock size? How many panels would you like them to be broken in to? Some customers even prefer the mirror to be centered in the middle of the wall going all the way around the room.



Do you have space in the room to properly install an over-sized mirror, or will it have to be broken down into panels just to fit it through the doorway? Is all of your gym equipment out of the room to allow room for installation? Will the technicians need to transport the mirrors up any stairwells or through any tight spaces?

Glass Installation Company


Are there any plugs that need to be accessible after the mirror is installed? We can drill out holes for these! Do you want it to sit on L-mold (low profile) or in J-channel? These provide support at the base of the mirror. Do you want a safety backing applied to the back of the mirror?
Not sure what you’d like? Here are some of our favorite jobs we’ve done to give you some inspiration!