If you are renovating your bathroom or thinking of upgrading your shower door for a modern and aesthetic appealing look, you should try the frameless shower doors. They give you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to style and functionality. Here, Ames Mirror & Glass looks at the questions you should answer before choosing your frameless shower door. Look here for more about Austin, TX.

What Materials Should Your Shower Door be Made From?

Shower doors can be made from a wide range of materials, including clear glass or tempered glass. Frameless shower doors are often made from tempered glass. You should ensure that the glass consists of 3/8 0r ½ inch glass thickness for strength and durability. Shower glass doors also feature various decorative elements such as frosted glass, painted glass, or patterned glass. Consider the materials that will add design and style aspects to your frameless shower door. Click here to read about Common Myths about Frameless Shower Doors.

Do You Want Special Features or Design?

Are you looking to create a spa-at-home atmosphere? Including some unique features in the bathroom, space can make the often neglected room really shine and stand out. Therefore, you should consider whether you require some custom-designed glass to achieve the look you are going for.