You use your frameless glass shower door a lot over its lifespan. As time passes, age, accidents, and wear can weaken the glass or its connections, and you may need to replace it. Sometimes, you can get heads-up that your shower door is not in good shape. How will you tell that your frameless shower door has a problem? Learn more facts here.

Visible Physical Damage

Any damage to your frameless shower door might be a sign that you need a replacement. If the glass sheet is not whole, the damage might worsen anytime you take a shower. Luckily, a professional frameless shower door contractor will assess the damage and help you get a replacement that suits you best. Read about Questions that Can Help You Choose the Ideal Frameless Shower Door here.

Your Door Doesn’t Open Right

A frameless shower door should close and open smoothly. If you notice that your door is working a bit differently than usual, you might have a problem. A technician will assess the problem and recommend repairs or replacements depending on its extent.

Your Shower Leaks

AA frameless shower door should keep water inside the shower space and out of the rest of the bathroom. If your door is damaged or has lost the original fit, it might not be watertight anymore. A contractor will recommend a replacement that functions as expected.