One of the best ways to beautify your bathroom is by installing a frameless shower door. You will need to consider some things like size, design, and functionality after you make up your mind to install the doors. Choosing the right shower door allows you to enjoy your shower experience. Here are factors to keep in mind: More can be found here.

Amount of Space

The amount of space available to install your frameless shower door is a vital factor. Frameless shower doors are custom built depending on the size of your bathroom space. It is important to measure the height and width correctly for a proper fit. Learn more about Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Frameless Shower Door.

Glass Thickness

For your frameless shower door, the glass should be thick enough to be robust and durable. The glass should be of at least 3/8-inch thickness, and if you want thicker than this, you can choose a thickness of ½ inch. The thickness often determines stability and ease of use.

Type of Glass

Depending on your unique style, preference, and needs, you can choose either textured, clear, patterned, or frosted glass. Patterned, frosted, or textured glass shower doors are ideal for a stylish look. They also provide the utmost privacy while adding a decorative element. Clear glass shower doors work best if you want an open look or your bathroom to look larger.