Ames Mirror & Glass is a premium mirror and glass company in Austin, TX. We are an experienced team and a company that looks to provide a wide range of services to the city’s people. We use top-quality glass and can get the best designs possible for all our clients. We look to provide stellar services to the people that we work with. Here are some of the top services that we offer as a team. Discover more about Austin, TX here.

Commercial Glass and Mirrors

People in commercial spaces are always left wondering if there are people in Austin, TX, who can handle glass and mirror their multitudes’ jobs. The answer is yes. Ames Mirror & Glass is a team that offers commercial glass and mirrors services. We can install and repair all kinds of glass needs in Austin, TX. Discover facts about How Shower Doors Will Revolutionize Your Home.

Custom Glass Partitions

Custom glass partitions are vital in homes and commercial spaces. Ames Mirror & Glass will help you design the best glass partition, one that you will have visualized. We work with our clients to get results that they are happy about. Please work with us today for the best results.