Frameless shower doors are often created with different types of glass. Modern design trends have led to a wide range of glass types, patterns, and colors to choose from. Here is an ideal breakdown for the glass types: Learn information about Austin, TX here.

Clear Glass

Standard clear glass is the commonly used option for frameless shower enclosures. It features high clarity with a minimal greenish tint and is very easy to maintain. Discover facts about Qualities of Good Frameless Shower Doors.

Opaque-Clear Glass

The glass type is produced by sand-blasting the regular glass. It has a distinctive uniformity, satin-like appearance, and admits soft light while still providing a bit of opacity. One side of the shower glass is engraved, leaving the other side smooth for easy cleaning.

Rain Glass

Aesthetically appealing patterns of rain give this glass a distinctive and decorative look. It also admits soft light but provides visual control. One side of the glass is patterned, while the other side is smooth for easier cleaning. It is the ideal frameless shower enclosure for concealing watermarks and other minor stains.

Tinted Glass

The tinted glass comes in a wide range of tones, including gray, bronze, or black. It can be dark or slightly opaque. Darker tones offer utmost privacy and obstruct the light. The earthy and lighter tints often complement the color palette of a bathroom.