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UpCycling Mirrors

We’re from Austin, Texas. What do people in Austin, Texas like to do? Recycle! We decided to see how we can better contribute to the recycling community by taking old frames that people are throwing away or donating and making them usable pieces again.
Watch the video to see how Alyssa and Chris turn an outdated Goodwill art piece into a brand new mirror!


If you’re looking for a similar project, start by finding the frame.  Check out Goodwill, Savers, or Habitat for Humanity Store for some great deals.

 Next, contact your local glass shop to see if they can cut you a mirror needed for the size of the frame.  They usually can out of what we in the industry call “drop” pieces.  They’re the smaller pieces we have leftover after cutting large mirrors.  If the drop pieces have any blemishes, they might even give them to you for free!

 Attach the mirror to the frame with the existing hardware or using glue/silicone, and you’ve got yourself the prettiest piece of art in your house (your reflection, of course)!

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Skip the headache on your next home improvement project, and budget to hire the right professional to do the job.