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What is Your Mirror Style

What is Your Mirror Style?

When someone asks you what your design style is, how do you typically respond?  Modern?  Traditional?  We’ve picked out a few mirror styles that might fit these trends to help you fill your space.



For the modern designer, installing mirrors with standoffs create the perfect finished look for any contemporary space.  The mirror can be customized by choosing the edge work (we recommend a nice, flat polish), and the stand offs come in multiple finishes to match your hardware.  The most common finish in 2019?  Brushed brass!

The standoffs allow the mirror to do just that – stand off – from the wall that it’s installed on, so it creates a nice floating effect.  Go the extra mile with your modern mirror by installing lighting behind the mirror to make it back-lit.


The minimalist designer will always agree with the phrase “less is more.”  Installing a mirror directly on to the wall or tile with a professional grade mirror grip allows for clean lines with no distractions besides that spiffy reflection in the mirror.  Custom cut sizes afford the ability to fit the mirror in any space no matter the dimensions.

If the mirror needs a bit more support due to size, installing a chrome L-mold underneath the mirror subtly supports the base and can barely be seen.



Traditional decorators can go multiple ways.  Our favorite traditional mirror element?  Bevels.  Beveled mirrors have been featured in custom homes for decades, and they don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon.

What’s a bevel, you ask?  A beveled edge is a sloped edge along the perimeter of the mirror to create a subtle framing effect.  This process is performed by a machine during fabrication.

The beveled mirror can be hung as a free standing mirror or in an existing frame for an added custom element.

No matter your style, mirrors help brighten any room by reflecting natural and interior light.  The best part about decorating with mirrors?  They create the illusion of a larger space making even the smallest spaces feel roomy and open!

If you’d like to add a custom mirror to your space, give us a call for a complimentary estimate.

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